Although our School is made up of five individual campuses we all share the common goal of serving Sandwell's young people by offering high quality personalised Alternative Provision. We focus on positive behaviour patterns in a safe, structured and caring environment, in order to equip pupils for a successful return to mainstream school or onto the next stage of their educational journey.

At Sandwell Community School we aim to ensure that:

• all pupils of the school access a balanced, broad, coherent, relevant and personalised curriculum to suit their own specific needs and requirements.

• the learning is dynamic, engaging and purposeful at all times.

• all pupils are enabled to fully access the curriculum irrespective of gender, ethnicity, belief, social or cultural background, academic ability, specialised need, learning difficulty or disability.

• each learner achieves success and is provided with positive experiences.

• all pupils are encouraged to become independent individuals, developing skills for adult life and helping them to make a positive contribution to their community.

We provide an environment where both staff and pupils feel safe and secure and are able to fully express themselves to realise their potential. We expect high standards of behaviour from our pupils. All forms and styles of learning are valued and adapted to meet the individual needs of pupils.

In school we ensure that all safeguarding procedures are adhered to by all staff and we provide consistency through staff induction, training and regular meetings.