Key Stage 3 Curriculum

key-stage-3-curriculum.jpgAim of Curriculum

Along with our school aims our KS3 curriculum aims to offer an inclusive and diverse curriculum for pupils in Years 7 to 9 that focuses on academic rigour, social and emotional education. Historically, the school has helped pupils to obtain excellent outcomes and helps to prepare them for their return to mainstream education. We work to raise pupils self-confidence and reward their hard work in improving their academic, social and communication skills.

Subjects Offered

A broad range of subjects are delivered that includes:

• English

• Maths

• Science

• ICT/Computing

• General Studies (which encompasses History, Geography, RE, Music, Design Technology and Art)

Along with their academic timetable, pupils are also involved in a specific Preventative Programme which addresses issues relating to how pupils can be successful when they are reintegrated into mainstream schooling or the next stages of their educational journey.

The curriculum is further enriched through links with the Black Country STEM project (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) which provides project based learning from experts from business and Industry in real contexts.

There are educational visits planned each term which support and extend learning experiences beyond the classroom. We also offer a range of offsite activities which further develop pupils physical skills and promote the skills of co-operation and teamwork.

Uniform and Equipment

Those pupils who are with us on a preventative placement (this means they are still on roll at their referring school), are encouraged to continue wearing the uniform of their school to place emphasis on their reintegration back to mainstream education.

Those pupils who are with us on a full-time, more long-term basis, we implement our own uniform policy of black trousers, white shirt/polo top, black jumper/cardigan and black shoes. We currently do not require pupils to wear uniform bearing our school logo.

Pupils are also required to bring suitable PE clothing on the days that they have PE activities.

All pupils must have a suitable school bag and carry with them the equipment they need for the school day (pen, pencil, ruler etc).

Facilities and Resources

Each of our KS3 campuses have well equipped learning spaces with ICT facilities available. All pupils are provided with a username and password to use on a safe and secure network. All campuses have food technology areas and dedicated classrooms for each subject taught.

Further Information

Please contact the Head of Campus for further information about the curriculum on offer.