Key Stage 4 Curriculum

key-stage-4-curriculum.jpgAim of Curriculum

Along with our school aims our KS4 curriculum aims to offer pupils in Years 10 and 11 an opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications in preparation for the next step in their young adult life. Pupils are able to gain their full 25 hours education entitlement through a diverse curriculum that includes both academic courses and enrichment activities. The aim is to support pupils by providing opportunities to develop not just on an academic level but also to provide opportunities of personal growth which in turn helps them to develop both practical skills for life and increase their self-esteem.

Subjects and qualifications

Subjects offered at Key Stage 4 include:

• GCSE’s in English Language, Mathematics, Science and Art and Design.

• This year we have introduced a Level 1/2 Cambridge National qualification in Sports Science.

We also offer:

• Level 1/2 Cambridge National qualification ICT

• Entry Level 3/ Level 1 Science qualification with the Open College Network, West Midlands Region (OCNWMR)

• Edexcel Functional Skills (at both Entry Level and Level 1/2) in English, Maths and ICT.

• AQA unit award scheme specific to different units of work undertaken in main subjects and PHSE

Along with our range of academic qualifications, we also offer an Accelerated Reading (AR) programme. At Sandwell Community School, we recognise the link between low reading ages and level of attainment. In order to address this, we have incorporated daily reading into our timetable through our AR programme. Pupils read in small groups or more able pupils are encouraged to read independently.

Alternative Provision

As part of our KS4 Curriculum, pupils are also involved in a number of alternative provisions to traditional academic classroom based lessons. We facilitate a number of different activities and pathways to ensure that personalised learning and development is central to our curriculum on offer for Key Stage 4. Activities are offered on a 6 week timetable, during which time pupils will be off-site with their allocated learning mentor. Examples of off-site activities include Malthouse Stables, Portway Lifestyle Centre and DY3 Arts and Crafts.

The aims of our alternative provision are to improve motivation, provide educational experiences in a variety of different settings, improve pupils social skills, promote independence and re-engage our pupils back into education and society.

As part of our alternative provision, we are also able to offer a limited amount of education provision on a one-to-one/small group basis. This provision is by referral only and is used to support our most vulnerable and difficult pupils. This provision is undertaken by our Pupil Engagement Team.

Facilities and Resources

Our facilities at both of our Key Stage 4 campuses are able to cater for all academic subjects with designated teaching rooms and additional spaces for one to one and group mentoring sessions.

We also have well equipped rooms for specialised subjects such as ICT, Science and Food Technology.

Our greatest resource is our staff and the positive attitude they display towards our pupils. This enables them to work with pupils to support with issues and that are preventing them from achieving their potential.

Uniform and Equipment

Pupils are expected to adhere to the school uniform policy of black trousers, white shirt/polo top, black jumper/cardigan and black shoes. We currently do not require pupils to wear uniform bearing our school logo.

On the days that pupils are off-site as part of their alternative provision, they are required to wear suitable clothing for the activity that they are undertaking. This may include clothing that is suitable for PE activities.

All pupils must have a suitable school bag and carry with them the equipment they need for the school day (pen, pencil, ruler etc).

Further Information

Please contact the Head of Campus for further information about the curriculum on offer.