Summer Term 2016

West Bromwich Campus Enterprise Day


The PSHE department at West Bromwich Campus held a day when the whole school took a break from normal lessons and instead celebrated the diversity, enterprise and artistic skills of the new year 10 pupils.

Three groups of pupils were given a brief to each produce a piece of art on a large canvas that they would then need to sell infront of a panel of judges made up of senior staff. All teams were given a budget, with which they had to purchase all the materials they needed for their masterpiece. The three canvases produced were to explore the theme of 'British Values' and to take inspiration from the Famous New York Pop Artist Keith Haring.

Head of PSHE Lin Blake said 'pupils showed great enthusiasm in producing their artwork, discussing diversity whilst honing their entrepreneurial talents. this cohort of year nines have really 'hit the ground running' by working so well together and really getting involved in the judging process at the end of the day.'

The three pieces are to be displayed around the school as well as prints of the artwork used for school postcards.


Pupils presenting their artwork to staff.