Spring Term 2016

What we have been doing in School

Our PSHE curriculum at Key Stage 4 this term has focused on a more in-depth consideration of diversity within the UK. It has concentrated on the idea of developing pupil interpersonal skills and readying them into the world of work. It is important that we deliver this topic sensitively, as our school and towns are diverse.

Pupils have looked at, the history of immigration to Britain and what makes up different cultures.

We have explored prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and what makes up our community and the issues associated with living in a diverse world.

To help our pupils become good citizens within Sandwell we have also explored other topics such as Careers planning, Relationships and sex education, the impact of drugs on our community.

PREVENT Workshops

A number of pupils were selected to take part in PREVENT workshops provided by a theatre company designed to explore the issues of cohesion, anti-racism, religion and extremism and how they can have an impact on our communities. The learning and discussion took place through the use of drama techniques and games.

These workshops took place at the Coneygre Youth Arts Centre at the end of February and involved pupils from both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.