Teaching and Learning

teaching-and-learning.jpgTeaching and Learning is a core component of the Sandwell Community School Development Plan. We recognise that all our pupils are some of the most vulnerable in the Sandwell Borough and that they all have skills, abilities and aptitudes and an entitlement to access a broad, appropriate, curriculum. To all pupils we offer access to a variety of different learning experiences, which will encourage them to reach their individual potentials. Through effective and active learning that is personalised, flexible and differentiated, we will contribute to developing children as a whole and to enable our pupils to become lifelong learners, responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute in a positive manner to their micro and macro communities.

The Aims and objectives of the Sandwell Community School Teaching and Learning Policy are fulfilled through the TALC (Teaching and Learning Cycle). This details strategies, tools and techniques to be used within lessons to promote outstanding Teaching and Learning.

Teaching and Learning Aims

• Promote all round development of each individual pupil (academic, physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive)

• Provide equality of opportunity for all pupils to experience a variety of learning styles

• Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their learning and respect the learning of others

• Develop confidence in learning

• Encourage Independent Learning and Learning for Life

• Create a happy, secure and stimulating environment with a structured purposeful way of learning

• Help pupils become more aware of the rights and needs of others

• Prepare pupils for adult life, both at home, at work, at leisure and to be caring, contributing citizens within society

• Encourage parents/ carers to take an active approach in their child’s education through a partnership approach

More information on teaching and learning can be found in our Teaching and learning policy here.