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Young Writer's Short Story Competition

6th Jul 2016

During the Spring Term student's took part in a descriptive writing challenge. The challenge was to write their own SPINE CHILLER story for this years Young Writer's short story competition. Sounds pretty easy? Well it was trickier than we thought as each story could be no more than 100 words long! It proved to be more difficult than we first thought but student's worked incredibly hard to produce some excellent and original writing. The stories were sent off to Young Writer's and a short time later we received confirmation that all of the submitted work was of such a high quality that it would all be published!

This week we received a copy of the Spine Chillers book and were proudly able to show student's their published work!

Well done to all of our student's who submitted their stories:

Matthew Oakley Tammem Miah

Harry Paddock Mia Morano

Nathan Sutton Colhum Hellier-Campbell

Ashleigh Glover Kristian Gauntlett