I am proud to be leading SCS in this new era for the school. I continue to be impressed by the talents and energies of all of our staff – they definitely go over and above for our students. Our students deserve the best and I will expect that all SCS staff never give up on them. One of my key roles is to ensure that all key players work hard to ensure our students achieve their potential and it is vital that students are fully involved in their education.

Our CREATE essential elements are integral to developments and will ensure that we are seen by all partners as an effective school. To ensure we raise the bar quickly I am ensuring that SCS focus on the three pillars of success……..

Together we can create EXCELLENCE. I have no doubt that this will be challenging but as long as we ALL do the simple things to the highest standards we will ensure excellence. Once we have secured this we need to ensure that we share excellence. One thing is for sure is that we have started the journey.