Sandwell Community School aims to provide all students with a broad and balanced curriculum that utilises interactive learning opportunities to improve personal, social and academic development. Students will also have the opportunity to develop leadership and essential life skills, as well as experiencing vocational opportunities and enrichment activities.

Sandwell Community School aims to CREATE opportunities:

  • To build on students prior learning and experiences
  • To provide students with the opportunity to become successful learners
  • To promote independent thinking skills
  • To promote positive attitudes to learning that provides students with a basis for further education, apprenticeships and employment
  • To provide interactive and stimulating learning opportunities
  • To develop IT skills in order for students to effectively engage in the advancing world of technology
  • To encourage the tolerance of opinions and beliefs that reflect the multicultural nature of society
  • To develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To use group work to promote communication skills
  • To provide opportunity for work placed learning
  • To develop the skills needed to contribute successfully to society
  • To develop a sense of community and be aware of issues in the wider community

Sandwell Community School aims to minimise the significant barriers students with SEMH have to their learning, so that they feel safe and able to learn. It is these barriers that make our students particularly vulnerable, so significant time is proportioned to explicitly address these difficulties that underline the behaviours our students display.

All lessons are planned to ensure there are clear objectives, intended learning outcomes and clear progression from each students starting point. All learning is assessed against bespoke student targets. Both formal and informal opportunities to develop academic, personal and social skills are utilised throughout each day, aimed at encouraging students to transfer their learning into different situations and problem solving opportunities.

More information on teaching and learning can be found in our Teaching and learning policy in our policies area.